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by Anita Affleck May 26, 2017

Getting your baby to sleep in summer can be difficult, especially when it's hot inside the house. Here are our top nine tips for your best summer sleep.


1. Get a fan

If your house isn't air conditioned, a fan is the next best thing. It's best to use the fan in the room before baby sleeps in there, and to never directly point the fan at the baby, as they can get too cold easily too. Make sure the fan is placed out of baby's reach at all times.

2. Darken the room

Like really, really dark. If your curtains or blinds aren't doing the job, try pinning a blanket or dark coloured sheet to the window frame.

3. Cool down before bed time

Babies have a hard time regulating their body temperature, instead of going straight from playing outside to sleep time, try having some cool down/ calm down time in between. If you're out walking with the buggy, we recommend that you use a UV cover to keep the sun off babe.

4. The Legs Out Swaddle

If your baby is still being swaddled, the Legs Out Swaddlemight help, it helps babies to stay cool by leaving their feet and legs uncovered.

5. Hang wet towels

If it's really hot, you can hang wet towels over chairs or windows. The water will evaporate and help keep the air cool. 

6. Keep baby hydrated

Whether your baby drinks breast milk or formula, it's important to keep them hydrated so that they don't overheat. It isn't recommended that you give your baby water. 

If you're breastfeeding don't forget to keep yourself hydrated too!

7.Dress baby in natural fabrics

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen breathe easily and will help baby to stay cool. Stay away from synthetics like polyester.

8. Keep the blinds or curtains closed

If you never let the sun into the room, it wont heat up as much.

9. Try to stick to a routine (somewhat)

In summer parents can be busy with extra social activities, but this can be quite tiring for babies. Try to get baby to bed close to the same time each night if you can, this way baby won't get overtired and will (hopefully) go off to sleep more easily.


Anita Affleck
Anita Affleck

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