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Hi! I'm Anita, a mum of two girls living in New Zealand. My first daughter was born at the end of spring, so she was a little baby during our hot New Zealand summer.

Of course I'd been told by the experts that I should swaddle my baby.

As a mother I felt torn, my baby slept better when she was swaddled, but like most New Zealanders we don't have air conditioning inside our home, and she was so hot! I didn't think she looked comfortable wrapped in all those layers of fabric.

I learned that there's no startle reflex in the legs, so no need to swaddle them. I experimented with different swaddles and wrapping methods, my background in fashion design helped me to prototype the Legs Out Baby Swaddle. 'Free the legs!' became my motto.

There have been reports in the media about  concerns around the risks of traditional swaddling to hip health. I'm happy to say that the Legs Out Swaddle is a hip healthy swaddle, as the legs aren't restricted at all.

We've even been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Association.

In 2017 we welcomed our second baby girl into the world. Our girl's birthdays are just one day apart, so I'm again swaddling my baby in the summer heat, but this time I'm using the Legs Out Swaddle.

As a parent myself, I hope that you and your baby enjoy our Legs Out Swaddle.

xx Anita

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