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Ohbubs Legs Out Swaddle - Grey

Free the legs! Our Legs Out Swaddle is a revolutionary new swaddle that helps baby to stay cool for summer sleeps. Made from fine, breathable fabric, the Legs Out Swaddle allows baby's legs to sit in a natural position, which is good for their hips.

Your baby can sleep with their hands wherever they like- hands by the shoulders, hands near the chin, hands on the tummy, by their side, or one hand up and one hand down! It's about giving baby freedom and autonomy. The only thing your baby can't do with their hands is startle themselves awake, as the shape of the swaddle prevents baby from making sudden movements with their hands. 

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Legs Out Swaddle is a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed.

We've designed The Legs Out Swaddle to be cool in summer, it's made from fine natural fabric, so that it breathes. In summer baby can wear it with just a diaper, and in cooler months it can be layered over clothing.

  • Baby's legs are free, and hips are in a natural position
  • There is no startle reflex in the legs, so no need to swaddle them!
  • Fine bamboo cotton blend fabric allows baby to stay cool in summer
  • Baby's feet aren't covered, so better for hot days and nights
  • Designed in New Zealand 
  • Baby will stay swaddled all night long
  • Swaddling can help babies to have longer, uninterrupted sleeps, because swaddling makes it difficult for babies to move their arms, this is called the startle, or Moro reflex and is the reason that lots of young babies wake themselves up
  • Snaps at the shoulders to make it easy to put on and take off
  • Snaps at the crotch for easy nappy changes
  • Unsnap at the shoulders and roll down to the underarms for safe travel in car seats and capsules
  • Easily wean your baby off the swaddle by unsnapping at the shoulder and releasing one arm from the swaddle

Here's what mums have to say about the Legs Out Baby Swaddle:

'I've found the swaddle handy during the day when moving baby from bed to buggy etc, it is much easier as it stays put/doesn't bunch up/come up wrapped like fabric wraps do'- Laura

'I think it's a great idea!' -Sophie

'It's such a great product, she sleeps so well in it' - Christina
'We soon discovered he hated his legs wrapped so we ended up selling the other swaddles' ----Stacey

Size Chart  

Size 0-3 Months 

Shoulder Neck to Crotch - 36cm
Chest - 21cm

Size 3-6Months
Shoulder Neck to Crotch -38cm
Chest - 30cm 


All sizes are approximate and measurements have been taken with garment on a flat surface.


Grey stripe: 65% cotton, 35% bamboo.

Pink stripe: 65% cotton, 35% bamboo.


Ohbubs Legs Out Swaddle from Ohbubs on Vimeo.

About Ohbubs
The Ohbubs Legs Out Baby Swaddle was designed by Anita at Global Baby, as her baby was born in October so she knew how hard it was to swaddle a baby over summer- especially for day sleeps.


All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.


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