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by Anita Affleck February 07, 2018

Swaddle is a word you don’t hear often in your life – until baby comes, and then it seems to be all anyone can talk about! We at Oohbubs have broken down the baby swaddle for all you new parents out there, so if you want to know what a swaddle is, why they’re important, how to swaddle and what qualities make the best baby swaddles, read on! 

What the heck are baby swaddles?  

Before your bub entered the world, she was all warm and cozy in your tummy. The big wide world is all new to baby – compared to baby’s former home, the world is bright, quiet and cold. A baby swaddle is a method of wrapping your bub in a blanket to keep her warm, cozy and safe, mimicking the womb as best we can to make this transition easier. 

Are swaddles really important? 

Babies have a startle reflex, also known as a Moro reflex – they move their arms, which gives them a start and wakes them up. Baby swaddles are important because they secure the arms which stops the reflex, letting them have longer and uninterrupted sleep. The best baby swaddles not only keep the startle at bay, but they are also soft, comfy and easy to use. Swaddling is a great way to settle and calm a baby. 

Alright…so how do I swaddle?  

This is important – incorrect baby swaddles can cause problems, notably issues with the development of baby’s hip joint. But don’t panic, you’ll likely get a lesson in swaddling at antenatal classes, at the hospital and with your midwife.

To avoid hip dysplasia, baby needs enough room to bender her legs and move them away from her body freely. Remember that startle reflex we spoke about? Well, the great news is there’s no startle reflex in the legs, which is why Oohbubs has created the Legs Out Swaddle – which is absolute perfection for a summer baby! 

I’m a swaddle expert now…and I want the best baby swaddle!  

We hear ya! And while we don’t like to brag, Oohbubs’ Legs Out Swaddle is the best baby swaddles. You want a swaddle that frees baby’s legs and lets her hips lie in a natural position. You want fabric that is breathable and comfy, and you want the swaddle to be easy to put on, take off and snap open for nappy changes. 

Our baby swaddles do all of that and more – they have even been recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being hip-healthy. Our swaddles give bubs freedom without letting her startle herself awake, which is exactly what new parents need. Fine, breathable and made of 100% cotton with snaps in just the right places, they are perfect for your precious bub.

Anita Affleck
Anita Affleck

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